Why You Should Grow A Beard Video

Why You Should Grow A Beard

If you’re wondering why you should grow a beard, perhaps this beard appreciation video will give you a few reasons.

It is certainly true that once you go bearded you may never go back!

If you need more reasons or maybe you’re thinking “should I grow a beard?” read below the video!

1/ Men are supposed to have beards.

2/ Beards make you hotter – as in more attractive, not warmer! Ha!

3/ Growing a beard will change your life.

4/ Numerous health benefits of having a beard.

5/ Men think that men with beards are more masculine.

6/ Hours wasted shaving.

7/ We will add more to this list, but for the time being, we’re off down the pub to think on it and stroke our beards!


Why You Should Grow A Beard


Beard Code – Launching October 2017

Beard Code – Coming October 2017

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BeardCode or Beard Code, we haven’t decided yet, (so please excuse us whilst we play around with it) is almost ready to launch.

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So please feel free to send us a beardie photo and we will show your awesome beardedness to the world on this site and on our BeardCode Instagram feed!

As we said, watch this space… New areas are being added to the Beard Code daily and the site is almost ready.

The Instagram profile went live on Monday 9th October. We are expecting the site to be live by Friday the 13th of October… Friday the 13th? Eeeeek! That’s a spooky day to start!

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