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Advertise On Beard Code

Advertising your beard business / beard products on Beard Code Information and details.

Prize sponsors needed for Beard Code competitions. Mutual beard business marketing opportunity as below.

Can I Advertise My Beard Products on Beard Code?

BeardCode isn’t currently accepting direct advertising, but we are interested in perhaps offering your beard products to our followers as a weekly prize or an incentive.

We can perhaps help each other in a mutual ‘back-scratching’ kind of way – in the form of us giving away your products as prizes and you getting your beard related products/website/Instagram profile in the eyes of our followers?

So if you have a beard product such as moustache wax, beard oil, beard wax, beard balm, beard combs, beard brushes, T-shirts and that kind of thing, we would be interested in speaking with you about potential joint beard advertising/beard product marketing ventures.

We’re thinking the value of prize being in the $50 – 100 kind of region – to read what you’ll get for that in return, you need to keep reading this beard business marketing idea.

Being brutally honest, we want to grow our Instagram follower numbers, and you want to increase your beard related business’ product ‘reach’. It will be a beard advertising win-win for us both!

What Kind Of Advertising Will I Get On Beard Code?

As mentioned, initially we plan to keep Beard Code advertising-free, but we can see there is a definite opportunity for mutual beneficial beard product marketing between Beard Code and yourselves.

So we think that it would be fun to award prizes to our Beard Code followers for doing various things, perhaps sending in the coolest voted beard photo of the week for example?

Or perhaps the prize could be randomly drawn from our Beard Code followers?

We can insist that the prize can only be won by Beard Code followers who have shared and tagged a photo pertaining to the mutually beneficial prize draw using a repost, regram or other similar sharing apps.

This way they will have tagged you (and of course us) in order to qualify for the beard products you are ‘giving away’ as prizes in ‘our’ competition. They will do this to enter the prize draw. This will further increase your beard product business’ reach. This is, of course, good for your business, your website gets more backlinks, direct visits to your main domain/shop platform. Plus your beard business profile gains authority – as it’s appearing to be shared and growing by other users of Instagram… That kind of thing.

We’d also include a paragraph in the day’s daily follower photos that we post to our Instagram feed about your beard company being the week’s ‘sponsor of the week’. We post a minimum of 18 beard photos per day – this equates to a minimum 18 posts x 7 days = 126 shout outs for your beard business. Plus extras as below.

So your beard related business / beard products will get a mention in every post we do for a week (at least 18 posts from us per day) all from some beard products that you decided to give to us to use as a prize!

To you the approximate cost is the ‘on the shelf’ value of your products if bought in a shop of up to £75.00 GBP or $100.00 USD.

You get all that for allowing us to give away your beard products as a prize – plus the below!

How To Get A BackLink On Beard Code?

For sponsors of the weekly prize draw, we’ll add a section to the main Beard Code website, called something along the lines of Beard Code competitions, or something like that.

In this area, we’ll do a weekly blog post outlining the current week’s Beard Code competition. We’ll then mention your bearded business as being the week’s sponsor.

At this point, you might have provided us with some specific text that you’d like to use describing your business. Perhaps you’d like specific keywords used in the description and perhaps you’re wanting it to be a decent length and of value as a backlink to your main website?

We’ll obviously give you a backlink to your website or whatever, using an anchor text you’d like to use… You know, we’ll play the game nicely for you in return for you providing us with a prize worth giving away and peaking our follower’s interest.

Why The Mutual Beard Marketing Method?

So I bet now you’re wondering how do we come up with these crafty bearded online marketing wheezes?

Well, when we’re not stroking our beards attempting to appear intelligent, one of us works in online marketing and kind of does the reverse of what’s being offered here for clients in other niches… Cough-cough can’t say too much!

The other is an ace designer who works for a major ‘blue chip’ by day and fiddles around with websites for fun.

So why the old beard advertising mutual marketing method?

This kind of works out nicely for all concerned because we know it does. Why? Oh ok, as the old saying goes, ‘Everyone leaves the party with a prize!’;

1/ You will be happy. What we’re offering your beard related business is awesome bearded product advertising value for money!

For the cost of your product at trade price, (hell I am sure you can actually write off total cost for tax purposes!) plus postage to the winner, you get to advertise your beard products for a week on our feed.

Your username leading to your beard products will be seen by our followers in every Beard Code member’s beard posts on our Instagram feed for a week.

If we are running a beard product competition (with your products) that requires a share from our followers in order for them to be qualified and enter, due to our members sharing, your beard business profile and beard products will be seen by the followers of our followers as they repost to their feeds.

The beard competition that we run using your products as prizes could go virally round the bearded community – which would be ace for you and of course us!

All due to our followers who have initially shared as instructed a beard product prize draw advert graciously provided by your company!

2/ Our followers get the chance to win an ace beard product prize, so of course they will be happy!

3/ We will be happy. We get to give something away and potentially use the prize draw as beard advertising to build our Beard Code followers.

Trust us, we have beards…

If you can think of something else that might be equally as good for you and your products and us, plus as long as it’s not too ‘in the bearded faces’ of our followers, then we are open to any Beard advertising suggestions that you may come up with.

Contact Beard Code About Advertising Opportunities?

Wondering how to contact Beard Code about potential advertising opportunities?

That’s easy, simply go to the BeardCode Instagram Page and send us a direct message.

If you’re not a follower of Beard Code already, please be aware that Instagram moves your direct message to a ‘junk’ type folder.

We occasionally check our ‘junk’ folder, but as we get loads of beard photos submitted by our followers, our time is currently mostly spent checking messages sent to the main Beard Code inbox on Instagram – so follow us before sending a message and we will certainly see your DM.

Get your bearded adverting on Beard Code!


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