BeardCode’s Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!

BeardCode’s Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!

BeardCode’s Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!

Since launching on 13th October 2017, BeardCode’s Instagram follower numbers have grown steadily, reaching and passing the 5000 follower mark by the 4th January 2018.

BeardCode's Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!
BeardCode’s Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!

BeardCode (since October 2017) has uploaded a daily digest of their follower’s beard photos submitted to them via direct message on Instagram.

To view and visit it, please go to BeardCode’s Instagram Profile.

BeardCode has since October 2017 added addition social media streams and reposts the follower’s Beard Photo with the most likes and comments to a ‘Beard Of The Day‘ section on the main website and also reposts the follower’s beard photo to their Facebook page.

At the end of the month, BeardCode compiles the ‘Beard Of The Day’ photos for that particular month and creates a slideshow of the beard photos that is added to BeardCode’s YouTube page.

Since November 2017, BeardCode has been teaming up with Beard Product companies and running prize draws and competitions on it’s Instagram feed that it’s followers can enter for free and get the chance to win some fantastic beard grooming products. To see the current and past beard prize sponsors, please go to the Win Beard Grooming Products! page on our site.

So as we start another month of BeardCode’s life and another new year, BeardCode would like to take this opportunity to thank all it’s bearded and unbearded supporters, beard companies that have already sponsored a prize draw on BeardCode, as well as those scheduled to sponsor a beard prize draw in January 2018!

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2018 for you and your loved ones!

BeardCode’s Instagram Follower Numbers Passes 5000!

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017 video has been created using the beard photos published on BeardCode’s Instagram profile, submitted by followers of Beard Code in December 2017.

Each day the beard having the most likes and comments on Beard Code’s Instagram profile from the previous day is added to the Beard Of The Day section on our site and also published on BeardCode’s FaceBook Page.

This is done solely for our own bearded fun and pleasure!

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017 Video

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017 video featured the following bearded followers of BeardCode’s Instagram profile.

BeardCodes Beard Of The Day Image For December 2017
BeardCodes Beard Of The Day Image For December 2017

In date order the following beards are featured;


If you are interested in helping your beard photo get more likes and comments, please see our page; How To Get Likes On Instagram.

No beards have been harmed in the making of this video!

BeardCode’s Beards Of The Month December 2017


Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

As 2017 comes to a close, BeardCode wishes all it’s bearded and non bearded friends a healthy, prosperous and great 2018!

BeardCode Happy New Year 2018 graphic
BeardCode Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Get Paid To Have Your Beard Stroked!

Get Paid To Have Your Beard Stroked!

According to the below video, you can now get paid up to £30 per hour to have your beard stroked!

Put your Beard to work! Get Paid To Have Your Beard Stroked!

Earning beard money is no longer the thing of dreams for aspiring beard models, according to the Uni Lad video, you can now get paid to have your beard stroked!

A company is looking to recruit bearded men with beards over a certain length. Their beards being then ’employed’ by the company to help ‘de-stress’ shoppers!

Yes, apparently you can now get paid to have your beard stroked whilst shoppers destress themselves at £5 for 5 minutes stroking!

Watch the above video and see how you can get paid to have your beard stroked and earn some extra beard money this Christmas!

Here’s the actual job advert! Got a fantastic beard? You can earn £30.00/hr at our ‘beard stroking’ pop-up for stressed-out Christmas shoppers!

More information on earning some beard money, see this news article; Get Paid To Have Your Beard Stroked.

Get Paid Beard To Have Your Stroked Image
Put Your Beard To Work! Get Paid Beard To Have Your Stroked

Yes, if touching a man’s beard is the thing to relax you, now you can fulfil your heart’s desire!

Watch the above video and find out whether your beard is long enough to get it working and earning it’s keep!

Your beard certainly should now be able to pay its way in beard balm and beard oil!

Check back often to see if any other beard stroking or beard related jobs pop up!

Get Paid To Have Your Beard Stroked!

Beardifulman Prize Draw – Win $65 Worth Of Beard Care Products

Beardifulman Prize Draw – Win $65 Worth Of Beard Care Products

BeardCode is pleased to announce it’s latest Prize Draw competition has been sponsored by Beardifulman!

Win $65 worth of fabulous beard care products in the Beardifulman prize draw competition!

What’s Included In The BeardifulMan Prize Draw Competition?

beardifulman graphic beardiful
beardifulman graphic beardiful

One bottle of Bear Hands Beard Oil, described on BeardifulMan’s site; This beard oil is named Bear Hands because it will turn you into a “sexual Tyrannosaurus”. Actually, that was a lie, but, it will make your beard soft and give it an earthy scent that female ‘bears’ find irresistible! The scent of Bear Hands Beard Oil described as Roasted Cedarwood & Wild Rosemary. Bear Hands comes in 30ml bottles. Beard Hands Beard Oil has an RRP of  $17.95.

One bottle of Ember Grounds Beard Oil, described on BeardifulMan’s site; Ember Grounds beard oil is for men that need to kick life full in the face before morning coffee and look good doing so. The scent of Ember Grounds Beard Oil described as Honduran Coffee & Smokey Vanilla. Ember Grounds comes in 30ml bottles. Ember Grounds Beard Oil has an RRP of $17.95.

One jar of Machine Sins Beard Balm, described on BeardifulMan’s site; Machine Sins beard balm is a riders best friend, hammer down stitching a line or just rolling through the countryside, Machine Sins will style, protect, moisturize and repair your beard while you ride, glide or slide. The scent of Machine Sins described as Caribbean Cinnamon & Jungle Ginger. Machine Sins is described as giving ‘medium hold’ and comes in 50ml jar tins. Machine Sins Beard Balm has an RRP of $14.50.

One jar of Ardent Mettle Beard Balm, described on BeardifulMan’s site; Ardent Mettle beard balm, built to reflect errant red-hot shell casings from an AR-15 and to protect your beard during the harshest of deployments, whether it be desert, jungle, or worst of all, desk! The scent of Ardent Mettle described as Dark Chocolate and Wild Basil. Ardent Mettle is described as giving ‘medium hold’ and comes in 50ml jar tins. Ardent Mettle Beard Balm has an RRP of $14.50.

The BeardifulMan Beard Care Products Prize Draw As On Instagram!

Beard Prize Draw Competition! Win approx $65 worth of beard products from BeardifulMan – @abeardifulman
Please read below for Prize Draw beard competition entry details!

BeardifulMan Logo Image
BeardifulMan Logo

@_BeardCode_ is pleased to announce this # beard grooming Prize Draw has been sponsored by
#Beard care products included in this prize draw are as follows; 1 bottle of Bear Hands Beard Oil, 1 bottle of Ember Grounds Beard Oil, 1 jar of Machine Sins Beard Balm and 1 jar of Ardent Mettle Beard Balm.
To enter this bearded Prize Draw, please read the below very carefully!
Share this graphic on your Instagram feed using a repost app / regram app, make sure you tag @abeardifulman and @_beardcode_
Comment on your post and encourage your bearded friends and/or friends who might want to win this prize to do likewise.
Do the above and you will stand a chance of winning these fab beard care products!
This Prize Draw is open globally. Entries must be in by Sunday 17th December 2017 at 1800hrs GMT.

Winner will be notified via DM on Instagram, so make sure you follow @_beardcode_ and @abeardifulman in order to receive winners notification to your inbox!

Best of luck!

Final words on The Beardifulman Beard Care Products Prize Draw

So there you have it, Beard Code’s third of many (we hope) beard grooming products for men follower prize giveaways.

With the Beardiful Man as the prize, you won’t have to decide between buying beard oil vs beard balm, as you’ll get both included in the prize – if you’re lucky enough to win it!

The beard balm and beard oil will act as a natural beard moisturizer and you can use them to your heart’s content to try out different beard shaping techniques.

Beardifulman Prize Draw – Win $65 Worth Of Beard Care Products

Beards Of The Month Video November 2017

Beard Code’s Beards Of The Month November 2017

Beards of the month for November 2017! Below you will find a short video of the beards of the month as submitted by Beard Code’s Instagram followers.

Beards Of The Month November 2017

To see the Beards Of The Month Video For November 2017, press play below or open it to watch on YouTube.

To see how you can increase the chances of your beard being judged as a ‘beard of the day’ and getting it included in our next beard of the month video, carry on reading the text below the beard of the month video credits – scroll down!

Each day the beard with the most likes is added to the beard of the day section of this site.

Beards of the day are loosely judged for fun by the sheer number of likes each bearded photo gets on our Instagram feed on the day in question – there is no other scientific method of measuring beards submitted to us.

Of course, some beards stand a better chance of being judged as ‘Beard Of The Day’ by the number of hours they have been uploaded / placement in our beardie Instagram feed.

Beard of the Month for November 2017 Featured The Below BeardCode Followers

BeardCode is grateful for the beard photos submitted by the below followers of Beard Code

In date order from the 1st of November thru to 30th November 2017 our Beard Of The Day was awarded to;


Please visit the above Instagram Profiles and give them some beard love!

Without the submissions of beard photos by our bearded Instagram followers, we would not be able to have created the above beard of the month video.

How You Can Increase The Chance Of Your Beard Being Featured In Future Beards Of The Month Videos!

So as we mentioned above, Beard Code for ‘fun’ purposes only lists each day a ‘Beard Of The Day‘ on this site and also on Beard Code’s Facebook Page.

Beards Of The Month As Featured On Beard Code Nov 2017
Beard Code’s Instagram Page

We judge the beard of the day solely on the number of likes each submitted bearded photo gets within a loose 24 hour period.

We then list the beard photo on our site in the beard of the day category for all the world to see.

Of course, there are any number of factors that could mean one beard photo gets more likes than another bearded photo, for example;

1/ The time period the photo has had on the page, and/or whether the photo has been listed nearer the top and probably more importantly of course, whether our bearded follower has read and understood our little guide on how to get more likes on Instagram posts.

2/ We send each follower the link to our post on how to get more likes on Instagram once their beard photo has been published in our feed. This guide really does contain some free and neat little tricks/methods you can use not only on our beard photo post but on your own posts as well!

3/ We also favour and show a little bias to those who’ve taken a little care of their beard photo; For example, whether your photo is in focus, whether you’ve chopped off the top of your head on your beard photo, whether we can see your beard clearly etc.

5/ We also show a bit of bearded bias to those who have shared our Get Your Beard on BeardCode image, as well as to those who have entered the prize draw and/or shared our beard sponsor of the week’s offer.

So that’s about it really. If you read the above guide that we have published and linked above, you’ll be more than prepared to give your beard photo a fighting chance of being featured as a beard of the day and then included in our Beard Of The Month videos.

Beards Of The Month November 2017

Do You Sell Beard Related Products? BeardCode Weekly Prize Sponsors Required!

BeardCode Weekly Prize Sponsors Required!

We are planning on running a weekly prize on BeardCode’s Instagram feed, and so we are on the lookout for purveyors of beard-related products to sponsor the weekly prize spot – on a mutual marketing basis.

No advertising fees involved either way.

You supply the prize and are responsible for posting it to the winner at the end of the competition.

In return, you get your beard related products mentioned in all our follower ‘shout out’ posts for a week, as well as a daily post during the week of a mutually beneficial graphic on our feed detailing the aforementioned prize competition.

We will also throw in a direct link to your site in a soon to be created BeardCode prize sponsors area on BeardCode‘s main website, as well as a page in the sponsor’s area detailing your beard company / beard products.

Beard product prize must be of a retail value of at least £50 ($65 USD / €55 Euro) or equivalent in your country of operation’s currency.

Bearded Mutual Marketing Opportunity

As mentioned above, this is a bearded mutual marketing opportunity, it allows you to get your products / website / Instagram profile mentioned on our Instagram feed in every single post we do in an entire week.

BeardCode currently posts a minimum of 9 follower ‘shout outs’ per day – on average for the last month it works out at 12.76 bearded follower ‘shout out’ posts per day.

We will also create a mutually beneficial graphic that we will post once per day during the week – to remind our followers about the beard product prize competition.

In the daily beard prize competition post, we will describe the prize and your beard related business profile / website.

Do You Sell Beard Related Products? BeardCode Weekly Prize Sponsors Required!

Basically, this is a low / no cost way for you to increase the reach of your beard company’s products / website / Instagram profile – the only cost being the trade / wholesale value of your products, plus postage to the prize winner.

In return, we get the ability to shout out about the beard product prize competition, thus hopefully assisting us to further build our Instagram follower numbers.

Plus our followers get the chance to win a beard-related prize.

It’s a bearded win-win for all concerned!

If you are interested in becoming a BeardCode weekly prize sponsor, please contact us via a direct message on our Instagram feed in the first instance. We will then ‘bash out’ the finer details of this beard site marketing idea and get the ball rolling.

How To Use Beard Code To Build Instagram Followers

So today I am going to tell you how to use Beard Code to build your followers. I am going to show you how to build your Instagram followers in a few easy steps.

Easy Way To Build Instagram Followers Using Beard Code

I imagine you are on Beard Code because you are fond of beards and/or bearded?

You may have submitted a beard photo to us for a feature and you may have been directed back to this page so we can help you build the number of likes on the photo you have submitted?

You may have taken a fancy to the page title; “How To Use Beard Code To Build Your Instagram Followers” and have therefore ended up here reading this?

Ok, I shall divulge the secret!

Beard Code Community Build Instagram Likes And Follows Along The Way!

So whether you are looking to gain followers from within the bearded demographic because you have a beard business, or you are hoping to be a beard model or you are just plain interested in the subject of how you can build your Instagram followers, it’s pretty easy.

I shall give you an example of how to get likes and comments on the photo you have submitted to us for inclusion in our feed. You can, of course, use this method to build Instagram followers on your own feed or via any other feed that you follow.

You can use this method to build Instagram followers with or without sending us a beard photo to feature on our feed, but we are just going to assume you have for this scenario.

You can build Instagram followers by being an active member of the Beard Code community.

Easy Steps To Build Instagram Followers!

So first things first Submit Your Beard Photo.

Try to send us the best quality picture you have . If it a square image all the better. But make sure the photo is saved to high-quality HDR or similar. That way when we resize and repost, it won’t look grainy. When we add your beard photo to our feed, we will resize it if needed to a square and add our Beard Code logo.

Make sure you have included on one of your recent profile posts the location of your home town / or country. We will tag your submitted beard photo appropriately. Just by including a location in the photo you post on your own profile (and the photo you send to us) means you get the chance of getting more country/location specific likes. Your post if it is popular enough may also be included in the ‘Top Posts’ area – so adding a location when you post a photo is a no brainer.

Once your photo is live on our Beard Code Instagram feed you will have also been sent a message – follow the instruction in the message. If you want a recap, then please read How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts.

1/ First things first, go to your photo that we have posted on our Beard Code Instagram feed and click like and like it yourself.

2/ Secondly make a comment on your photo to show people that you are a real person.

3/ Thirdly visit every person who has liked the photo of you on our Beard Code Instagram feed and give them a like back. You could also tie this in with a comment on one of their posts. Something like;

“Hey thanks for liking my photo on @_BeardCode_ you have a fantastic feed/beard/profile etc yourself!”

4/ Reply to anyone who has taken the time to comment on your post on our Beard Code Instagram feed. That’s common courtesy and you will be suprised how far that gets you in life in general! Ha!

5/ Go to Beard Code Instagram and find the photo of your beard. Now go to the photos either side of yours and give them a like and a comment. You ‘show your cards’ first, Instagram is a social network after all, so being social and liking the photos of others is a good way to start.

6/ Go to the profiles of other followers of Beard Code who have had their photo published recently on our feed and drop a like and comment on their most recent post on their personal feed. Be inventive or just use the excuse that you’ve seen their photo posted on Beard Code. Something along lines of comment used at point 3 above can be adapted to suit your purposes as an icebreaker.

7/ Become a prolific liker. If you spend time liking other people’s posts (maybe 10 minutes minimum per day) you will see your follower numbers increase. Human nature means that we all check out who’s liked our photos and then respond. So there’s nothing wrong with giving this a little push to reap the follower benefits.

8/ Becoming a prolific commenter. Commenting takes a bit more time and effort of course, but the rewards in generating followers from commenting do seem to be greater. Your comment will get seen by everyone else who views the photo that you’ve commented on. Make the comment interesting or witty and specific to the photo. Makesure your profile photo is as good as it can be – your profile photo appears next to the comments that you make and so can be used as a ‘hook’ to get people to check out your profile.

9/ Use Instagrams search bar and search on #hashtags that interest you. So as a starter for ten and in the beard niche; #beard. #beards, #bearded etc. Go through the first couple of pages of results on these and repeat steps 7 and 8. You are now broadening your reach beyond BeardCode – don’t forget about us though eh?

10/ Lastly try and try again. Keep doing the above. Rinse and repeat. But keep doing it. Some days you will get more reward for your efforts than others, but this is attritional – the more you do, the more followers, comments and likes your profile will get in return. Your effort will bring results.

If you’ve enjoyed our post on how to get followers, you may want to read our post on how to get likes on Instagram.

Easy Way To Build Instagram Followers Using Beard Code

Why You Should Grow A Beard Video

Why You Should Grow A Beard

If you’re wondering why you should grow a beard, perhaps this beard appreciation video will give you a few reasons.

It is certainly true that once you go bearded you may never go back!

If you need more reasons or maybe you’re thinking “should I grow a beard?” read below the video!

1/ Men are supposed to have beards.

2/ Beards make you hotter – as in more attractive, not warmer! Ha!

3/ Growing a beard will change your life.

4/ Numerous health benefits of having a beard.

5/ Men think that men with beards are more masculine.

6/ Hours wasted shaving.

7/ We will add more to this list, but for the time being, we’re off down the pub to think on it and stroke our beards!


Why You Should Grow A Beard


Beard Code – Launching October 2017

Beard Code – Coming October 2017

Beardcode Icon1 Image
BeardCode Icon Image

Follow The Beard Code For Site Updates

Beard Code is almost ready, watch this space!

BeardCode or Beard Code, we haven’t decided yet, (so please excuse us whilst we play around with it) is almost ready to launch.

Please feel free to submit your beard photo to us on either our Instagram page here:
Beard Code Instagram

You can also submit photos of your beard on our Beard Code site link here:
Submit Beard Photo

As soon as the Beard Code site launches, your beard photos will start appearing on our feed.

We will also add and credit you on our BeardCode Instagram feed as being the bearded model in the photo.

Show your awesome beardedness to the world!

So please feel free to send us a beardie photo and we will show your awesome beardedness to the world on this site and on our BeardCode Instagram feed!

As we said, watch this space… New areas are being added to the Beard Code daily and the site is almost ready.

The Instagram profile went live on Monday 9th October. We are expecting the site to be live by Friday the 13th of October… Friday the 13th? Eeeeek! That’s a spooky day to start!

We need your bearded help though….

Please help us spread the word of Beard Code’s launch by using the social media buttons on the side to share – there’s a good beard! Ha!

Follow the Beard Code