How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts For Free

How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts

Ok, so you are probably reading this because we’ve just posted your beard photo on our Beard Code Instagram feed and this; ‘How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts’ page, is linked in the message we’ve just sent you – telling you that your beard photo is on our feed, and how you can help your bearded photo get more likes on Instagram.

Or perhaps you are wondering about how to get likes on Instagram in general and have stumbled across out page somehow, or maybe you’re reading our Beard Code blog and have come across this page and it’s peaked your interest?

Well as the title says, we are now going to show you how to get likes on Instagram free – specifically regarding our posting of your beard photo on our Instagram feed, but you can use this on your own photos in your own feed etc in the future.

Read all the way to the bottom and learn how to get free Instagram likes fast, then check our companion post linked below, on how to get more followers on Instagram using Beard Code.

My Photo Has Been Posted On Your Feed How Do I Get Likes On Instagram?

So your beard has been featured on our Beard Code Instagram feed and you’re wondering ‘How Do I Get More Likes On Instagram?‘ – bear with us if you’re here due to one of the other possible methods that could have led to you being here, use your imagination and adapt the below to fit your purposes! Lol! 

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How to get likes on Instagram free

8 Tips on How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts 

1/ First things first, go to our post of your beard on Beard Code’s Instagram feed. Open the post and click ‘like’. No harm in clicking like on your own photo on our feed eh?

2/ Second, make a comment on our post of your photo. Basically, say something. Say ‘hello’ or something like that. Show other Beard Code followers that you are a real person.

3/ Third, add some tags to the comment that you are making. It may be a good idea to add tags that you think we may have missed.

You can add up to 30 tags in one comment. Make them #beard related or maybe photo specific #vaping.

Please don’t scrimp on this. We will have used our quota of #hashtags in the post, so you can add more.

4/ Fourth, tag a few of your friends in the comment that you make. Pick friends who are likely to like your photo and make a comment for you.

The more likes and comments your photo has, the more chance it has in competing in the ‘Top Posts’ area on the hashtags that have been used.

Don’t scrimp on this, this really works wonders for your posts. Either on Beard Code or on your own profile or on any other ‘appreciation’ page that you submit your photo to.

This is as close to Instagram ‘secret sauce’ as you can get!

5/ Fifth, we post our follower submitted photos in batches. Usually, we post 9 photos at a time.

If you now go to the other photos either side of yours, hit like and make a comment on their photo, that creates some good ‘karma’ around you and others are bound to respond back to your photo in a likewise manner.

Instagram is funny eh? Often you have to ‘give to get’ and then the ‘like’ floodgates seem to open.

6/ Sixth, Beard Code is a growing community, if you like and comment on others as their photos are added, you add to and help build this community.

When the time comes for your beard photo to be published, your beard photo will get more likes and comments and you will benefit from what you have given out.

7/ Seventh, use a repost app to repost the photo of your beard from our feed, back to yours.

There are loads of free repost apps / regram apps search them out in the app area of your phone. Use one of these from your specific phone’s operating system’s app store. This will repost our post to your feed.

You can then edit the written text a little. A good idea would be to change the hashtags right at the bottom that we have used and target different ones.

Make them different to ours and you will then be targetting a different group of beard-related hashtags with the same image.

This will increase your photo’s ‘hashtag reach’ and increase the number of eyes that get to see your post, which will, in turn, lead to more likes.

Three Dots For Share Options Image

8/ Eighth, go to the photo of your beard on our Beard Code Instagram feed. Open your photo and look for and tap/click the three little dots near the top right – as shown above. This will open up the ‘sharing options’ on your phone. Share your photo of your beard on our feed on other social media networks that you may be a member of.

Instagram can auto connect with several networks. You can also choose to just copy the URL to clipboard and share it on other networks that aren’t included on Instagram.

If you are shy and bashful about your sharing your beard photo, you can craft a post to these networks in an; ‘Aww shucks, my beard was reposted on a beard appreciation site.

Or repost in a ‘Have a look if you can be bothered…’ type way, or just be proud and shout it out that you’ve been featured on Beard Code’s beard appreciation feed. It’s magnificent and you’ve earned it you manly bastard! Lol!

More Tips To Help You Get Likes On Instagram

So if you do those 8 things, you will have done more than the average bearded photo posted on Instagram would get and you will give your photo a fighting chance and it will get more likes on Instagram!

Plus our followers will be liking your photo, so fingers crossed it should go down a scream! This method allows you to get likes on Instagram free – it won’t cost you anything but a little time.

Ok, so we have a few more tips to help you get likes on Instagram. Most of these are concerning the oft-asked question of; ‘How to get followers on Instagram?’ and will be covered by a subsequent Beard Code blog post.

After you have read this post about how to get likes on Instagram hashtags, you may also like to read our companion post – How To Use Beard Code To Get More Followers On Instagram.

If you’re looking for how to get more likes on Instagram cheat methods, then you won’t be interested in the above I imagine, although it does explain how to get likes on Instagram fast as humanly possible without using any hacks or cheat methods – just common sense and simple steps that will get you free likes on Instagram pictures and posts. 

How To Use Beard Code To Build Instagram Followers

How To Get Likes On Instagram Posts

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